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Timothy Draftz

Atchison, KS CFO

38 Years of Experience

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Creighton University

University of Nebraska at Lincoln

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Timothy’s Bio

Timothy Draftz is a highly experienced C-Level executive with over thirty-five years of experience in finance, operations, business development, strategic planning, and information technology in a variety of industries with large corporations as well as small businesses.

Timothy serves as a key business partner to the business owner/CEO providing both financial and business expertise. One of his key abilities is clearly explaining the connection between a company's operations and its financial performance.

Timothy stresses the importance of understanding business fundamentals and emphasizes how all functions of the company must be cohesive, specifically as they drive profits, cash, and value.

Prior to becoming a partner at B2B CFO®, Timothy served in a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, consumer goods, automotive, HVAC, electronics, scientific, fluid power, powder industry, injection molding, and screw machine. He has worked within start-ups, turn-arounds, growing, and mature market companies. Timothy has grown companies both organically and through mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international. He has extensive experience in the practical application of Lean Manufacturing, Lean Accounting, and the Theory of Constraints.

Timothy's knowledge and understanding of operations and sales gives him the ability to facilitate and create complimentary and cooperative systems through SIOP processes (sales, inventory, operations, planning). He understands the importance of cash flow and how customer, vendor, and banking relationships can impact it.

Information is critical to good decision making. Timothy has facilitated the selection of numerous accounting and ERP systems. He has led multiple cross-functional teams to rapid and successful ERP implementations. Timothy has helped functional team leaders select appropriate leading and lagging metrics to effectively measure their impact on the overall financial success of their companies.

Timothy is a skilled relationship manager dealing with attorneys, CPAs, IT consultants, bankers, and insurance brokers. His high ethics combined with his diverse experience make him an ideal partner for entrepreneurs who want to focus on growing their business and increasing their value.

Timothy has a clear and concise teaching style, which enables him to pass on his knowledge, not only to financial executives, but also to non-financial executives. He enjoys learning about new industries, production methods, and distribution channels.

Timothy received his MBA in International Business from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 2015. He earned his BSBA in Accounting and Finance from Creighton University in 1979. Timothy was one of the earliest Certified Management Accountants to have earned this designation from the Institute of Management Accountants in 1982 (#3739).

Timothy makes his home in Atchison, Kansas with his wife, Susan. They have been married 36 years and have eight children.

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