Paying Attention in the Drive-Thru

Several years ago while vacationing in Anaheim with my wife and two children, I pulled the rental van into the fast food drive-thru lane and, hurriedly, began ordering the usual.  After a few minutes ordering sandwiches, fries and drinks… I heard a faint voice from a distance saying “Sir, I can’t hear you.”  So…still a bit distracted and hurried, I repeated my order.  Again from a distance I heard a voice…now a little louder…saying: “Sir, I still can’t hear you.”

I was a bit confused until my teenage daughter giggled from the back seat: “Dad, you’re talking to the trash can!”  As I began to focus on my surroundings… I realized that I wasn’t speaking to the order microphone, but instead was talking to the trash can about 15 feet from where I should have been.

Sometimes in our businesses we have similar experiences; where we do the same things over and over without really thinking about the changing environment we are in.  What worked well in earlier times just isn’t working now.  Or what we are communicating is falling on deaf ears perhaps because of a lack of attention to the real world going on around us.

Making the tough changes many times becomes very difficult.  Changes that will improve cash flows or get you out of debt will require you to reassess your environment and to start taking the appropriate steps.  Denis Waitley, a noted motivational speaker and author once said:

If you believe you can,
You probably can.
If you believe you won’t,
you most assuredly won’t.
Belief is the ignition switch
that gets you off the launching pad.
Do you need help making those first steps toward making your business more profitable, less stressful, and better equipped for the ever-changing environment?  If you do, contact us.
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photo credit: 0722 Drive Thru via photopin (license)

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