The B2B CFO GamePlan®

This proven six-step process helps business owners stay on track with their business goals, taking them to a higher level of success™. Experienced CFOs work directly with you through steps that analyze and review your financial systems working toward results. Those results help put more cash into your business – preparing you for the perfect exit strategy.

Finders, Minders & Grinders™

Finders, Minders and Grinders is the unofficial organization chart of every privately-held company. The most important role in a company is that of Finders, who need to spend 70% to 80% of their time in Finding Activities. Finders are the company’s visionary, idea generator, innovator, catalyst for future change, relationship builder and strategic planner. The future success of the company is in the hands of the Finder.

The Discovery Analysis™

Discover your company’s financial information with a tool that allows you to benchmark your findings against the industry average. This information is priceless and will help put you ahead of the game so you can prepare for your company’s exit during a buyer’s market.

The Delegation Identifier™

Most CFO Services firms have goals to replace a company’s employees with their own staff, which causes a much higher cost to the business owner. A B2B CFO® professional trains and works with a company’s existing employees, thus keeping costs lower. We then match the employee’s skills and follow-up with them on specific tasks that need to be completed in order to meet a company’s goals. We call this process The Delegation Identifier™. Because of this system, with B2B CFO® a company can get a more experienced strategic professional, at a much lower overall cost than they would with other firms.

Certified Business Transition Expert™

We take our professionals through our own Certified Business Transition Expert™ training process. Once trained, they take their new expertise and work with business owners. Using our B2B Exit® software, our professionals help owners to prepare for the transaction.

The Success Team™

The Success Team™ consists of the professionals who will help the business owner sell or transfer the company. It is best to build this team two to three years before the target date of the sale or transfer. The business owner can use the skill and expertise of these professionals to identify obstacles and to help with the transaction. These professionals often include a team manager, attorneys, tax specialists, IT specialists, wealth managers, insurance advisors, bankers, and coaching organizations.