Mizzou, Pinkel, and Great Leadership

Last weekend, I was listening to the MU football game against Kansas.  It was bad, really bad for the good guys.  MU couldn’t do anything right.  Three interceptions in the first half.  One paper stated the MU quarterback wanted the offensive coordinator to quit calling passing plays (talk about a lack of confidence).

But here’s a great quote, a great story. Leave it to the MU coach to say the right thing at the right time to a key player:

“Hey, you know what?” Pinkel told Franklin. “You made some bad throws. But you’re a great player. You’re not the only guy that’s ever done this. So move on, get rid of it. Park it.” Source: Kansas City Star

Great words.  How many times have we seen situations like this where the coach tears into the player.  Or a parent?  Or a boss?

Coach Pinkel made some poor decisions a few weeks earlier, but the words of wisdom and encouragement above can teach us much both on and off the field.

And yes, the good guys won.

photo credit: Football Helmet via photopin (license)


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