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Health Benefits – How CFO’s Can Help

Your Healthcare Benefits Review – It’s that time of year again when your benefits provider will be reviewing your healthcare benefits.  For most employers this will involve some tough decisions if there healthcare premiums suffer a dramatic increase.  There are many things you will want to consider as you navigate healthcare costs for 2018.  Healthcare… Read more »

The Key to KPI’s

 The Key to KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are standards used to measure business performance.  As a business owner it is important to understand how you rank compared to your competitors.  Financial institutions, stakeholders, and prospective buyers use KPIs to analyze credit worthiness, business health, and business worth.  KPIs are a great way to… Read more »

Productivity and Sales Per Employee

Productivity in the Work Place – Everybody talks about it, but how do you measure it?  One of the key measures for employee productivity is sales per employee.  This key performance indicator is used to measure the efficient use of resources, your employees.  The higher your sales per employee number the more efficient your work force.… Read more »

The Other Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is not just about hacking your network, stealing confidential information, or having your data held for ransom by a hacker.  Here are a couple of cyber stories that I would like to share that have nothing to do with hacking your companies information.  In these real life examples, the companies involved unknowingly played… Read more »

Increasing Profitability

Do you ever feel like your company is throwing cash out the window?  We are not talking pennies, but dollars.  As business owners we are constantly focused on keeping our costs under control for salaries, advertising, marketing, and other operating expenses, but when is the last time you looked at your gross margin?   Gross margin… Read more »

Turning Business Risk into an Opportunity

Business inherently has risk.  Successful business owners embrace risk creating their own opportunity.  They began their business embracing the question: “What if…?” There are two characteristics to every risk; consequence and likelihood.  Consequences can range from mild to catastrophic, the insurance industry labels this as severity.  Likelihood can range from rare to very often, this… Read more »

How Much Inventory Do I Need?

Inventory is one of the biggest investments you will make in your business.  Your inventory turnover ratio tracks the number of times or cycles new inventory hits your shelves each year.  In addition, it measures the liquidity of your product and your ability to effectively manage your stock.  You can calculate your turnover ratio as… Read more »

Escaping the Danger Zone!

Most business owners don’t ask, “What is my business?”  They know why they started their business and what they want to accomplish. Often they miss the core of “being in business”. The Danger Zone is the end result of an owner not paying attention to their business. Every company requires a robust infrastructure.  Infrastructure includes… Read more »

Managing Cash Flow Complexities – Part 5: Cash vs EBITDA

At a recent risk management seminar, one of the participants spoke about how their controller received an email from the CEO of their company asking him to wire transfer some funds for that day.  What the controller didn’t know is that someone had hacked into the company’s email system, and had been monitoring the style and timing of the… Read more »

Sam and the box of socks

A few years ago, I met a 9 year old who is part of our church family.  His name is Sam.  Sam’s parents at one time had been in financial trouble and were homeless for a short period of time.  So Sam decided that each Christmas he would collect new tube socks for homeless people.  At… Read more »